Retro: Broadcast Design and Branding

The success of a television channel starts with its broadcast design and branding.

More than nice graphics, we focus on creating a real brand that matches your contents and audience.

RTL Lëtzebuerg needed to give a new birth to its channel, with a young and dynamic approach targeting young adults and teenagers. It also needed to be flexible and easy to adapt on other platforms, such as mobile phones and websites.

CHALLENGE – RTL Lëtzebuerg needed to refresh its brand with high quality design keeping in mind its budget and the tight time schedule.

  • New design
  • Parent logo
  • Easy diversification
  • Catchy tune

“Our company needed a high quality brand to confirm its leading position in Luxembourg. We needed quality, in very short time.”
Jacques Van Luijk | Production manager | RTL Lëtzebuerg.


More than creating a new graphic design, BCE created a new brand respecting their situation, their software and hardware capacity and the team qualification.

Brand new identity
BCE searched for a branding that does not exist yet but with an identity that mixes RTL Group’s range of brands, Luxemburg’s audience and a fresh overview.

Each program of the channel has its own design, following the main channel branding, creating a unique and powerful identity.

International touch
The channel replaced its old brand with a young, active and fresh style, mixing state-of-the-art graphics with national symbols to keep Luxemburg’s identity.

Music jingle
There is one main jingle with different arrangements for each program, creating a duality with the graphics. The music is interpreted by real musicians to avoid synthetic sound and loss of personality.

“BCE gave us the best solution that could suit our needs, in less than 2 months we received a new concept with eye catching effect for the audience.”
Jacques Van Luijk | Production manager | RTL Lëtzebuerg.


  • Complete brand creation
  • Visual identity
  • Logo can easily upgrade to new channels
  • Audience attraction to discover every program
  • Independance for future works
  • Easy integration to playlists
  • Audio and graphic departments worked together
  • Complete music creation belonging to the channel brand

“BCE’s services cover the complete channel branding development chain. The team worked on graphic effects, studio design and on the creation of an original score for each program of the channel, keeping a central music plot to multiply brand awareness. BCE’s graphics department also offers continious services for our new programs and any special communication actions.”
Alain Berwick | Managing Director | RTL Lëtzebuerg


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