Retro: Multimedia infrastructure

The European Union recently upgraded its meeting and congress conference centre located in Luxembourg Kirchberg (CCK).

The multimedia infrastructure, the broadcast facilities and the digital signage were installed by BCE.

The multimedia solution for the CCK is built around three main products; the multimedia tools for presentations and translations, the digital signage for active communication and the broadcast platform for the production (coverage) and publishing (content supply) of the event to the press and European institutions.

Thanks to a strong expertise in installing conference rooms (European Investment Bank, ArcelorMittal, Abbaye de Neumunster and the CNA to name but a few), BCE has installed two large meeting rooms, two restaurants and a cafeteria, a press room (for 500 journalists) as well as 33 rooms for national meetings.

Home of the European Union Council for three months per year, the CCK meeting rooms are equipped with an advanced interactivity system which automatically follows the speakers, displays their video on the screens and even allows communication with decentralised contacts. The system can be triggered automatically via the conference system or manually by a technician.

“BCE’s expertise in television stations is a real advantage on this type of project, giving these platforms the power from media operations while keeping an advanced flexibility for the non-professional users,” comments Alain Prim, Projects Supervisor at BCE.

The largest meeting rooms (including the ministers restaurant room) were installed with smart dedicated control rooms to project the content onto the screens (presentations, videos, in-room actions, etc) and translation facilities to ensure optimum communication between the ministers.

The broadcast’s systems for the recoding, production and distribution of the content during the events (conference, handshake, photo corner, stand-ups), the press briefing rooms, the TV and radio facilities for the press, the central control room for the European Council and the EBU playout services allow excellent working conditions for the press.

The central control room also allows connections with outside broadcast vans, SNGs and terrestrial network lines.

BCE was also in charge of the installation of the digital signage of the whole building (for the agenda, room allocations and general information).

As well as installing screens, BCE analysed the mix between the type of information submitted, the routine of the visitors and the main social points.

This lead to the provision of invaluable advice to ensure optimum results in terms of communication strategy and the location of the screens (front of meeting rooms, restaurants, bar, coffee corners, press room).

The graphics team also designed the branding of the interface to maximise the impact while keeping a regulated brand awareness.

The team in charge of updating the digital information was trained by BCE experts in the use of software and opening up daily operations but also to enhance their creativity for future projects.

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