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High availability website hosting

Euronews, the number 1 international news channel in Europe (source: Telmar Peaktime©, evaluation based on Q2 2010 viewer ratings) covers current events around th clock, everywhere in the world. With 10 language teams and 370 journalists from more than 20 countries, euronews is a unique organisation in its approach to analysing and presenting the news.

Established in 1993 in Lyon, the channel is viewed by 7.5 million people daily in Europe. euronews reaches 350 million homes in 155 countries via all broadcasting modes: tv, internet, smartphones, tablets, etc.


Following its website expansion to 10 language versions with different content and the setup of a video on demand offer for their visitors, euronews needed a new platform that could cope with the rising traffic on their websites. Knowing BCE’s expertise in media infrastructures, euronews asked the System, Telecom and Network Solutions Department (STNS) at BCE to install a new infrastructure which would suit their new operations.

SOLUTION – High availability and around the clock supervision

With its experimented team, BCE has all the knowledge to manage the project. Delivering a full turnkey infrastructure, BCE supplied the hardware, did the server setup with a high availability configuration and provided the internet bandwidth with a configuration for high loads.

The architecture of the platform was specially adapted to the high visitor rate of Euronews websites, with a capacity of more than 5 million visitors (250.000 simultaneous visitors).

The Video on Demand (VoD) infrastructure was fulfilled using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and the BCE media network. These two high capacity means ensure a worldwide coverage to euronews.

“The infrastructure installed by BCE, its expert know-how and its 24*7 support ensures perfectly the availability of our websites for our visitors, which is of the utmost importance for news contents.”
Cecile Leveaux | CTO | euronews.

BCE has the biggest telecom point of Luxembourg with 31 internet/telecom operators located in its building.

The company provides a secured infrastructure, a large panel of telecom or internet operators, a strong local support acting as remote eyes/hands or management of platforms (500 servers).

  In order to have no influence on the visitors experience using the website with the VoD, a separated workflow was established for the developers. Using a dedicated access, the developers are able to update the contents with no bandwidth consumption on the visitor’s side.

To maximise the availability of contents to the sites’ users, BCE setup a trial environment where loading tests can be made. After BCE’s approval, a content package is uploaded on the platform and the team runs high load tests simulating important traffic peaks. The users can then access the website seamlessly.


On top of that, BCE monitors 24×7 the complete operations and activities of the platform. Its IT support, working around the clock, acts as remote eyes/hands and ensures euronews’ workflow, reacting in less than 15 minutes to any situation.

  • Turnkey solution
  • High availability configuration
  • Global delivery network
  • Dedicated access for developers
  • Test environment
  • 24×7 monitoring and support
  • Secured carrier hotel

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