BCE’s Season’s Greetings 2018

For BCE’s wishes, we created a comical video. Since we have recently moved to our new premises, it was important to present the divisions of BCE, our employees contribution was paramount.

To do so we asked two colleagues (Andrew Christine & Guillaume Jumelet), which are doing small videos on Youtube, to create an original scenario. BCE special FX team (Jean-Marie Herber) also worked on the video to add some effects and to make the last scene possible.

I worked on the editing of the video with Mike Thill and I produced the soundtrack (music and effects).

Link to the video on BCE’s website: http://www.bce.lu/best-wishes/

For the communication part, we published the video on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. We also published the video on our website with a dedicated page both on the English and French website. We also created outlook templates for the employees to send it around with some graphics.


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