The other side

Several months (years) after working on the first edit, I have finally finished the new version of “The other side” one of the songs of my new album “Raiders of the Modern Art”.

This song is about social and economic inequalities. Some reports state that poverty rates have fallen and life expectancy has risen in many countries, although inequality within societies has increased. But if you look at the other side, you will see that poverty is rising, even in “developed” countries.

While I was travelling in Madagascar, Mexico and Indonesia I have noticed that many people were living with very little resources, but that they were enjoying their lives. While when I was back in Europe, I saw many persons, with much more than them, which felt unhappy and abandoned.

“Happiness is not provided by money, but by the people you love and the moments you share with them.”

I have also created this artwork using a blend of 4 pictures, one from a drone view of a beach, another from a pier in Indonesia, a view of a sea lagoon and another of a Jetski.

The blend was made in Photoshop, playing with masks and filters.



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