BCE 20 years

BCE celebrates its 20 years in 2020. 20 years of incredible projects, constant innovation and media developments. I arrived in this company in 2007, and had to create everything from scratch, all the marketing, the communication, the websites, the flyers, the presentations, the videos, the press relationships, the adverts, the stories, the case studies, the emailing, the social network presence, the business development tools, the intranet, and much more…

These years were fantastic, this company is not only about technology, it is also a big family, this is why I decided to start this video picturing the employees working at BCE. This company would have never been able to evolve to this level without all these great employees.

BCE life is based on many projects and customers, as well as new markets and acquisitions, this is the second part of the video. The company is also a pioneer in file-based solutions, IP-based infrastructures, visual radio and is always looking forward to develop new solutions, which is the conclusion of this video.

I have produced the video (scenario and filming) as well as all the edition of the video including the motion tracking elements, I also composed the music. BCE graphic team created the stunning red and white vortex as well as the 20 years logo.

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