Dying is dangerous /Nintendo

The video game “Dying is dangerous” is now available on the Nintendo e-shop. It will be available soon on the Xbox as well.

While I am not a video game developer, I have been asked by Carbon Fire Studio to create the music soundtrack of the video game. This was back in 2015, I created several songs for the different levels of the video game as well as for the films (Teaser, Introduction) and of course for the end credits of the video game.

Screenshots of the game and some soundtracks:

DiD (3)

DiD (6)

DiD (5)

DiD (1)

More Tracks are available here.

Link to nintendo e-shop: https://www.nintendo.fr/Jeux/Jeux-a-telecharger-sur-Wii-U/Dying-Is-Dangerous-1708175.html#

DiD (4)


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