Back on track

Sometimes you have the feeling that life is like a road to nowhere, but when you get the chance to get back on track, you feel that life is like a world of opportunities.

While I created this song before the COVID-19 crisis, I feel it matches quite well the actual world situation. In those times of uncertainty, we have a lot of time to think about our way of living. The world has forgotten about mother nature, people are just doing their day to day activities, without really think about the future of the planet, but only about their own economic situation, a quite selfish view of the world… a road to nowhere.

This crisis reminds us that even the smallest little thing can change the world, here a virus, which can destroy us. The spread was facilitated by our ignorance of the virus and by our economic targets with worldwide distribution, travels, etc.. Like a computer network, where a simple virus can stop a company activities in a few seconds, it was just a matter of days, hours to allow the COVID-19 to spread to the world.

Now the world starts to trigger its industries and economy while putting new sanitary measures, but wouldn’t it be time to reconsider our way of living. In a way nature has shown us the path, we have seen that if we stop human activity, nature is able to get back its rights, like the waters in Venice, the skies over the world, the pollution in the cities. By stopping our activities we gave earth its moment to breath.

Maybe we should create a calendar of non-pollution days, shutting down our industries, keeping our planes on the ground but also generalize remote working for any job which does not require local presence, avoiding transport pollution, use of energy in big office hubs…and much more.

This crisis also reminds us the importance of family, it is paramount to cherish each moment we can have with our kids, brothers, sisters, parents but also the friends we are, because in the end they are also part of our families.

We can all do our part into making this possible, if a small virus can destroy us, just imagine what small humans could do! We are back on track.

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