Tun Van Rijswijck passed away on 30 April 2020

Our dear friend and colleague, Tun Van Rijswijck died last Thursday (30 April 2020) at the age of 59, after a serious illness.

Tun was much more than a great colleague, he was a fantastic boss and a good friend. Always thinking about the people, he managed to deal with any problems, keeping the positive attitude.

I remember my first week of work at BCE, it was back in July 2007. I was on my third day of work there, working late on some press release. He entered my office and told me:

“Why are you still there? You should be home, enjoying your kid and having good time with your wife!.” He added: “The most important thing in your working life… is your family, if you are happy with your family, then your work will be better” … “so: go home!”

He was so right and I always followed this phrase, and the result is clear, my work is getting better and better… so does my family!

Rest in peace Tun. We will always remember you!




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