BCE and FEI keep the entertainment going for equestrian fans

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic impacting live sport content, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) continues to provide coverage of past events and special equestrian features with support from BCE.

Prior to the pandemic, BCE had been working with the FEI on archiving broadcast footage with the aim of making the content management system available to FEI partners for content re-purposing. The company looked after the digitising, safeguarding and archiving of the FEI’s competition broadcast content, ingesting its live production and providing worldwide live streaming services to fans around the world.

The FEI and their partners can now use BCE’s system to produce new content forms from the archive platform, which allows the FEI to create programmes and distribute streaming feeds to multiple digital platforms such as FEI.tv, Facebook and YouTube.

To inform the public about this fantastic offer, I have created a video. The FEI sent me several replays of equestrian events, from there I created a short clip, inserted key text information and composed a catchy tune.

The soundtrack is a mix between classical strings, guitar as well as a normal drum set combined to electronic beats. The final part of the video integrates the BCE guitar tune.

The video was sent over social networks and reached more than 220 000 persons!

Read the press release on BCE website.

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