Forever Together

This track is dedicated to all the persons and friends we love. All these people who disappeared during the pandemic.

When the pandemic started, we had this dream that it would end after a few months. Today, after a year of coronavirus, we understand that we will probably need to live with it during a longer period, before seeing any changes.

Unfortunately, we are all facing the inevitable, every month comes with new infections and its lot of uncertainties. While we try to remain positive, we have to accept the death of our relatives, friends, colleagues.

Our world is global, we are moving everywhere in the world, living in different locations, countries, continents. Before the pandemic, meeting the family was a question of a few hours by car, maybe one or two planes, nothing complicated. Today we have to accept to stay at home and avoid moving to any other country.

If only I could go next to my family, be there with them in their last moments, if only I could be there … even after the inevitable.

Forever Together, we will be… forever together.

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