One year of live streaming

When the pandemic started, I worked hand in hand with Xavier Thillen, Head of Digital Media Operations at BCE to create the perfect live streaming offer.

It was important to create a new experience, the right combination between quality productions, web experience and technology. Our target was to make businesses feel connected despite of the sanitary measures. To make people and companies meet again… online.

Streaming by BCE:

  • Preparation and organization (Project management, communication support, webpage creation, online forms customization, live chat integration + training, online polls…).
  • Professional production (video, audio and lights management, high quality cameras, production team including a video director).
  • Live streaming (adaptive bitrate, live rewind, scene selection, live angle selection, social network streaming).
  • Content valorization (Replay, create multiple videos from the original feed, VOD portal, content management system).

In one year of live streaming events, I had the opportunity to work on many projects, creating the web pages, online forms, chats but also creating trustful relationships with our customers to maximize their event success.


  • Luxembourg For Finance (“Focus on” series)
  • The Bridge Forum Dialogue
  • European Stability Mechanism
  • Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative
  • The Alliance for Financial Inclusion
  • Home Expo
  • Ministère de l’Education Nationale de l’Enfance et de la Jeunesse
  • Ministère de l’Agriculture
  • Lëtz Go Gold
  • Ville de Grevenmacher
  • Ville De Dudelange
  • FEDIL (Industry Days 2021)
  • La Nuit de la Culture (with Takaneo)

Please visit: for more information about BCE’s streaming services and solutions.

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