BCE: solutions for video

A major evolution of the BCE website: A new navigation and a different approach of the market.

During several years, the website of BCE was presenting all our services, products, news, cases studies, videos, etc… Now has come the time to change the navigation of the website, adding a “universe” dimension.

The visitors can now select their universe (video, sports, institutions and fashion /radio will follow) and find clear packaged solutions which match their market and needs.

Today I will focus on the “solutions for video” page, but you can still consult the other pages in the gallery or directly on BCE’s website (www.bce.lu). For this project I was in charge of the market review, the web page construction, the webpage design, the graphics design and the copywriting.

The packaged solutions are:

  • Create added-value videos
  • Enhance and distribute your content
  • Get your channel on air
  • Manage your OTT platform

For each packaged solution our services are clustered to create a logical suite which answer the needs of our customers. It was important to avoid long description of products, complex technical phrasing and keep the pages as clear as possible.

On the graphic side I created pictograms to illustrate each service and graphics (with “out of the screen” effects) to illustrate each section of the page.

The page also features a dynamic News feed, which only features News related to the type of solutions described on the page.

The page is of course mobile friendly and optimized for search engines. Thanks to two forms, the page is directly connected to our CRM (Hubspot) to ensure the fastest communication of potential customers requests to our sales team.

This webpage is available here, but you can also take a look at the picture gallery below (once opened, double click on the picture to zoom in).

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