Holovox, the remote voice-over solution

I am proud to announce the launch of BCE’s remote voice-over solution: Holovox.

BCE’s solution allows the management of all the voice-overs (All/Whole/Entire: “Holo” + Voice: “Vox” = Holovox) as well as the graphics and ambient sounds of your events via a simple cloud interface.

It is a complete revolution for live events, live sports, live conferences… No more need of complex infrastructures, no more need to be on site to ensure the live comments or translations.

For this project, I was in charge of the webpage page creation (+copywriting), the emailing campaign, the landing pages creation and promotion, the adverts in the magazines, the articles (interview), the video advert creation + LinkedIn campaign.

The page is built around 6 main features:

  • Smart cloud interface
  • Start commenting now
  • Control the graphics and titles
  • Add picture in picture
  • Manage your team
  • Real-time monitoring
Holovox webpage (+mobile friendly)

For each feature I have created graphics, following the established style of BCE as well as hybrid pictograms, mixing photos with flat design graphics.

Hybrid pictograms with hover effects.

To get in contact with BCE for this product, the visitor can contact the sales person via his Linkedin account, via an online form or get immediately a demo of the solution with the reservation of a precise time and date in the sales person calendar (the form is of course synchronized with the outlook calendar of the sales person thanks to Hubspot.

Each week our customers produce hundreds of videos using our voice-over solution. The video featured on the webpage and used in our LinkedIn campaigns focuses on this fact.

In addition, a landing page was created via Hubspot. While the Holovox page was in construction, it was important to have a page where our potential customers could get information or schedule a demo with our team.

The webpage is available here: https://www.bce.lu/holovox/

Interview with L’Equipe: https://xlbrothers.com/2021/12/10/interview-with-lequipe/

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