Visual radio for the RSI

Discover how Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) ensured the integration of their new studio with the StudioTalk solution, going further regarding video production and studio automation.

For this project, I wrote the complete scenario and interviews. I was also in charge of the production and the edition of the final video. To do so, my crew and I went to the Radiotelevisione Svizzera headquarters located in Comano (Switzerland).

After a warm welcome from our customers, it was time to produce the video case study. We recorded multiple interviews and cut scenes as well as clips where I gave some details about the project.

We produced two versions. One with clips featuring myself to introduce the project and add some details, and another with a voice-over. While I wrote the voice-over text, I asked a professional voice-over (English native) artist to record the audio clips.

Case study with video presentations:

Case study with voice-over:

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