BCE on tour

As you know, I am managing the marketing and the communication for BCE. This includes managing BCE’s social networks, including:

  • BCE’s corporate profile publications
  • Groups search (which could meet BCE’s audience)
  • People search (which could become key influencers)
  • Articles and news copywriting
  • Video production and publishing
  • Adverts
  • Webinars
  • Job offers

In September 2022, I started a new concept, giving some insights about the company featuring myself in a double screen video (filming in both selfie and non-selfie view, showing the viewers what is in front of me at the same time).

I am proudly surprised of the results so far, as the people in our market recognize me on events, and most important point, are now following our company.

Here are some examples of these videos (these were published on LinkedIn):

Last day at the IBC (English)

Watch this video on LinkedIn

First day at the SATIS (French and English)

Watch this video on LinkedIn

Behind the scenes with Luxembourg for Finance (English)

Watch video on LinkedIn

Behind the scenes at the Skoda Tour of Luxembourg (English)

Watch the video on LinkedIn

For more videos I invite you to check this playlist on our YouTube channel.

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