One year of live streaming (itw)

Making companies and people meet again… online. BCE’s Marketing Manager Laurent Seve and Head of production and digital media Xavier Thillen discuss some of the major Luxembourgish projects undertaken by BCE and talk about the future of hybrid events. By François Pascal. François Pascal/FP/ How did BCE manage to answer swiftly to the market situation?…

Holovox, the remote voice-over solution

I am proud to announce the launch of BCE’s remote voice-over solution: Holovox. BCE’s solution allows the management of all the voice-overs (All/Whole/Entire: “Holo” + Voice: “Vox” = Holovox) as well as the graphics and ambient sounds of your events via a simple cloud interface. It is a complete revolution for live events, live sports,…

BCE: solutions for video

Today I will focus on the “solutions for video” page, but you can still consult the other pages in the gallery or directly on BCE’s website ( For this project I was in charge of the market review, the web page construction, the webpage design, the graphics design and the copywriting.

The rise of virtualization to enhance the media world

In the media world, the rise of nonlinear content over linear “classical” broadcast is opening new ways of addressing the market with tailor-made experiences and the massive multiplication of content for the viewers.

Interview with L’Equipe

At a turning point of its activities, L’Équipe launch its OTT platform, with the promise to provide more and more live content to its viewers. In the sports industry, live video means live comments as well, and L’Équipe decided to jump in the new remote production era with remote voice-over. Exclusive interview with Jérome Aubin….

Security Operations Centre

To promote BCE’s (Broadcasting Center Europe) Security Operations Centre (SOC), I worked on a campaign integrating the following items: A web page, which summarize all our services, with videos and animations to explain the SOC to unspecialized persons. The page features a section with a list of our services using pictograms, a simple presentation of…

Looking beyond the impact of the lockdown (itw)

BCE’s Marketing Manager Laurent Seve discusses some of the recent projects undertaken by BCE and looks beyond the impact of the lockdown. Can you give us a brief overview of what we can expect in the next 6-12 months within your sector? While the world is confined, the Covid-19 crisis has a strong impact on…

BCE equips the BTS Audiovisual Henri Martin of Saint-Quentin

Following a public call for tender, BCE was selected for the renovation of all the equipment of the BTS Audiovisual Henri Martin, with an IP architecture allowing the interconnection of the equipment with a direct access to the media from any room of the facility. The aim of a BTS Audiovisual is to foster learning…

(R)evolution in the digital media world

While the media world goes digital, Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE), part of the RTL Group, the European media leader that operates TV and radio channels as well as production companies globally, continues to enrich its activities.


To promote Itstored we are going to launch a campaign on Social networks with short video clips inspired from real situations that experienced our customers and prospects. We will produce more animated series during the year.

Digitisation and Live Broadcast over IP for the FEI

The FEI is the world governing body of equestrian sport. It exists to ensure that events are conducted in a fair, consistent and structured way across the globe and that the welfare of the athletes is upheld. Holding several hours of video archives of the numerous events taking place worldwide, the FEI was looking for…