After the tempest

Life is like nature, a succession of difficulties leading to some peaceful and joy moments. “After the tempest” is part of those chapters, in which during a long time I felt I was in a tempest, between work, life, struggling to find the right balance and finally after the tempest, the sun is shining again……

Rock With Me

After several months off the music scene, I am coming back with a new album called “Raiders of the Modern Art”. The song “Rock With Me”, mixes bass and guitars giving a classic yet full of energy style. “Rock With Me” is an invitation to enjoy every minute of your life, take the time with…


To promote Itstored we are going to launch a campaign on Social networks with short video clips inspired from real situations that experienced our customers and prospects. We will produce more animated series during the year.

BCE’s Season’s Greetings 2019

For BCE’s wishes, we came back to our roots with a short video with some 3D effects. The video was shot with a drone during the summer and the Special effects team transformed it in a winter scene. Some particles effects were added for the snow and for the titles. Finally we added the “flying…

BCE’s corporate video

Having recently moved to our new premises, it was important to renew our corporate video presentation. To do so I decided to avoid naming the divisions of the company and concentrate on 3 pillars: Services, System integration and Software solutions. The global communication of BCE has been adapted accordingly. This new video goes clearly in…

BCE’s Season’s Greetings 2018

For BCE’s wishes, we created a comical video. Since we have recently moved to our new premises, it was important to present the divisions of BCE, our employees contribution was paramount. To do so we asked two colleagues (Andrew Christine & Guillaume Jumelet), which are doing small videos on Youtube, to create an original scenario….

Looking at you

Listen to my new song: Looking at you. The best place on earth is in your eyes, looking at you, I feel home. It is the only place I want to be.


For BCE wishes, we created with BCE’s FX team an e-card that was sent to our customers. Since BCE is moving to its new premises, I had this idea of a card folding on the past and opening on the future. The graphics and animation were created by BCE FX team. I composed the soundtrack…

Real partners

In the following video, the new playout and studios from franceinfo: are presented. The infrastructure was installed by BCE-France. Regarding the video, I was in charge of the scenario, I also directed the production team, created the workflow and composed the soundtrack.

Tomorrow was an adventure

I have entered a contest on pond5: Pond5 Video scoring contest. They give us a video and we must create the soundtrack. I love the concept, I created a track mixing modern and classical instruments creating a dream world and an invitation to life. Check the video below. To win or not to win? Both…