Pôle Radio RTL Teaser

For the system integration of the new Pôle Radio RTL (Groupe M6) by BCE. I have created two videos. Before finalizing the video case study, we created a teaser to rapidly introduce the project. The teaser was presented during business presentation and during trade shows.

BCE’s Season’s Greetings 2019

For BCE’s wishes, we came back to our roots with a short video with some 3D effects. The video was shot with a drone during the summer and the Special effects team transformed it in a winter scene. Some particles effects were added for the snow and for the titles. Finally we added the “flying…

Winner at the SATIS Awards

During the SATIS 2018, BCE won 2 awards for the integration of the Pôle Radio RTL (Groupe M6) and the StudioTalk solution. I have produced a video after the event and published it on social networks. The video was a fast editing of existing footage and photos (BCE company video, FunRadio misc and Shutterstock stock…

FunRadio campaign for SATIS

The video campaign was made of short clips featuring the staff from Groupe M6 and FunRadio and a final clip featuring all the short interviews.

BCE and Freecaster at the Montreux Volley Masters

During the Montreux Volley Masters, BCE and Freecaster covered the interviews of the event with its StudioTalk solution as well as its streaming platform. To picture this solution, I have created a video clip with parts of Montreux Volley Masters event and parts of the interviews. The video was sent to 2222 contacts and had…

BCE’s corporate video

Having recently moved to our new premises, it was important to renew our corporate video presentation. To do so I decided to avoid naming the divisions of the company and concentrate on 3 pillars: Services, System integration and Software solutions. The global communication of BCE has been adapted accordingly. This new video goes clearly in…

BCE’s Season’s Greetings 2018

For BCE’s wishes, we created a comical video. Since we have recently moved to our new premises, it was important to present the divisions of BCE, our employees contribution was paramount. To do so we asked two colleagues (Andrew Christine & Guillaume Jumelet), which are doing small videos on Youtube, to create an original scenario….

BCE is moving to its new premises

In this video we present some activities in our new premises. We have started the move of BCE in Q1 2017. The building is fully IP-based, which is the first infrastructure of this kind covering all media activities (Broadcast, production, post-production etc.). Regarding this video, I managed the filming and production team, edited the rush, edited…


For BCE wishes, we created with BCE’s FX team an e-card that was sent to our customers. Since BCE is moving to its new premises, I had this idea of a card folding on the past and opening on the future. The graphics and animation were created by BCE FX team. I composed the soundtrack…

Real partners

In the following video, the new playout and studios from franceinfo: are presented. The infrastructure was installed by BCE-France. Regarding the video, I was in charge of the scenario, I also directed the production team, created the workflow and composed the soundtrack.

The other side

The new album is out and I am already working on the next album. Last week was the Unicef walk in schools, made me think about differences but also about the fact that rich people can feel sad and bored while others with almost nothing feel satisfied. A smile, this is the secret of happiness….