Flashback to the sun


The world accelerates without looking to the future.

Looking at the sunset, we can feel how time passes; we look at our lives and understand that we could do no much more. This album is an invitation to the world, to party on the beach, remembering the good times with my brother, listening to his guitar, like a peaceful moment in our crazy lives.

Musically speaking, I wanted to create an album mixing guitar samples and electronic music, mixing old, present and future sounds.

The following tracks are in medium quality mp3, you can visit get the full quality tunes on Bandcamp.

Sunny afternoon

Download the mp3: Sunny_afternoon

A clear vision about freedom

Some dreams in the dust

Hold my hand

Take me away

Download the mp3:Take_me_away

Coming back to life

This is life

Life means many

Somewhere erased

Island in the woods

Flashback to the sun

Toi et moi

Spring in Mexico

Download the mp3:Spring_in_Mexico

One day two nights