With a passion for music, I am creating music for companies, video games, films but also released my own track under the name of « Steve Laurent ».

I started with music when I was 11 y/o, taking piano classes. I was learning classical music, but was amazed by the possibilities to create my own tunes.


Later on I got my first yamaha workstation, combined to Korg’s Electribe synthesizer.

I was mixing my own tracks during students’ nights.

I also released two albums under the “Mohashutan” artist name with the Luxemburgish music label “Own Records” during a few years.


My music creativity evolved with music programs and virtual instruments, I worked on Garageband for a while, then with Logic Pro… and finally I am working with Mixcraft, loads of virtual instruments, an old Yamaha workstation, some Korg filters and “voilà” am creating music… almost each night of my life!

With Pond5, I sell royalty free music, I love the fact that people will use my music in their creations, advertising campaigns, films etc…


I have also worked on the music of a video game (Nintendo and Microsoft) from Carbon Fire studio.


Feel free to visit my dedicated “Steve Laurent” page to learn more about my electronic music and listen to my latest tracks.

Or visit my Bandcamp page to support/buy some of my tracks.