Steve Laurent


French and Luxembourgish musician based in Luxembourg, Steve Laurent (This is my artist name, I am Laurent Seve, but even before my music, everybody always called me Steve… so…) finds its inspiration in this European melting pot.


“The country is an incredible mix of cultures and music, developing my creativity through electronic music”.

Steve Laurent started to mix electronic sounds and created new tracks from scratch when he was a student. After releasing numerous bootlegs, he entered the Luxembourgish label: Own Records, created by the electro artist SugRcane. He released two albums: “Angels in the dust” and “Angel of light”.

After a quiet period and some travelling around the world in Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, Morocco and Madagascar, Steve Laurent came back to Luxembourg with limitless ideas to develop his music.

Bush taxi
Bush Taxi in Madagascar

Now Steve Laurent has released several albums

  • Young Again
  • Life orchestra
  • Flashback to the Sun

While these were available on major music sites before, I have recently cancelled my subscriptions with these shops, All my albums are now available on BandCamp.

I am now releasing my latest album called “Raiders of the Modern Art”, stay tuned for the tracks.

You can follow Steve Laurent news here.

I you wish to send me comments on tracks, or to receive news about Steve Laurent music, please fill up the form below 😉

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