Dying is Dangerous

In October 2015, Carbon Fire Studio, an independent video game studio based in France, asked me to create the soundtrack of its video game: Dying is Dangerous.

They were looking for dark tunes, with some electronic style mixing old and new and with a touch of classical horror movies.

You can listen to the tracks below. I am working on other tracks inspired by the game and will release later on an album with both original video game soundtrack and new songs.


Introduction part 1:

Main menu:


Level 1-1:

Level 1-2:

Level 1 Boss:


Level 2-1:

Level 2-2:

Level 2 Boss:


Level 3-1:

Level 3-2:

Level 3 Boss:

Cut scene:


Other cut scene:

Happy end:

The game is just great, it is available the Wii U and XBOX!


Dying is Dangerous Credits

  • Jérôme LABBE – Developer
  • Amine NAIR – Developer
  • Angélique LABBE – Graphic Designer
  • Steve Laurent (Laurent Seve) – Sound Designer
  • Mathieu BONTEMPS – Game Designer
  • Adel AMRANE – Film Director
  • Justine TRAN – Make-up Artist
  • Vanessa DE SOUSA – Secondary Make-up Artist

Want to know more about the game.. visit the studio website