Dying is dangerous /Nintendo

The video game “Dying is dangerous” is now available on the Nintendo e-shop. It will be available soon on the Xbox as well. While I am not a video game developer, I have been asked by Carbon Fire Studio to create the music soundtrack of the video game. This was back in 2015, I created…

BCE 20 years

BCE celebrates its 20 years in 2020. 20 years of incredible projects, constant innovation and media developments. I arrived in this company in 2007, and had to create everything from scratch, all the marketing, the communication, the websites, the flyers, the presentations, the videos, the press relationships, the adverts, the stories, the case studies, the…

The other side

Several months (years) after working on the first edit, I have finally finished the new version of “The other side” one of the songs of my new album “Raiders of the Modern Art”. This song is about social and economic inequalities. Some reports state that poverty rates have fallen and life expectancy has risen in…

BTS Henri Martin over IP

Discover the infrastructure of the BTS Audiovisuel Henri Martin (France) in this video case study. For this video, I created a scenario, managed the production team on site, manage the interviews, created the graphic titles and the subtitles files in English and French. Finally, I composed the soundtrack.  

After the tempest

Life is like nature, a succession of difficulties leading to some peaceful and joy moments. “After the tempest” is part of those chapters, in which during a long time I felt I was in a tempest, between work, life, struggling to find the right balance and finally after the tempest, the sun is shining again……

BCE equips the BTS Audiovisual Henri Martin of Saint-Quentin

Following a public call for tender, BCE was selected for the renovation of all the equipment of the BTS Audiovisual Henri Martin, with an IP architecture allowing the interconnection of the equipment with a direct access to the media from any room of the facility. The aim of a BTS Audiovisual is to foster learning…

Rock With Me

After several months off the music scene, I am coming back with a new album called “Raiders of the Modern Art”. The song “Rock With Me”, mixes bass and guitars giving a classic yet full of energy style. “Rock With Me” is an invitation to enjoy every minute of your life, take the time with…

(R)evolution in the digital media world

While the media world goes digital, Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE), part of the RTL Group, the European media leader that operates TV and radio channels as well as production companies globally, continues to enrich its activities.

BCE acquired Freecaster

In order to present the acquisition of Freecaster by BCE, I have created a short clip with footage from Freecaster including Tomorrowland, MXGP, Fashion week but also included some footage from our recent projects with live streaming or broadcast: The FEI, ING Night Marathon and Montreux Volley Masters.


To promote Itstored we are going to launch a campaign on Social networks with short video clips inspired from real situations that experienced our customers and prospects. We will produce more animated series during the year.