Holovox, the remote voice-over solution

I am proud to announce the launch of BCE’s remote voice-over solution: Holovox. BCE’s solution allows the management of all the voice-overs (All/Whole/Entire: “Holo” + Voice: “Vox” = Holovox) as well as the graphics and ambient sounds of your events via a simple cloud interface. It is a complete revolution for live events, live sports,…

BCE 20 years

BCE celebrates its 20 years in 2020. 20 years of incredible projects, constant innovation and media developments. I arrived in this company in 2007, and had to create everything from scratch, all the marketing, the communication, the websites, the flyers, the presentations, the videos, the press relationships, the adverts, the stories, the case studies, the…

BTS Henri Martin over IP

Discover the infrastructure of the BTS Audiovisuel Henri Martin (France) in this video case study. For this video, I created a scenario, managed the production team on site, manage the interviews, created the graphic titles and the subtitles files in English and French. Finally, I composed the soundtrack.  

BCE’s Season’s Greetings 2019

For BCE’s wishes, we came back to our roots with a short video with some 3D effects. The video was shot with a drone during the summer and the Special effects team transformed it in a winter scene. Some particles effects were added for the snow and for the titles. Finally we added the “flying…

BCE’s Season’s Greetings 2018

For BCE’s wishes, we created a comical video. Since we have recently moved to our new premises, it was important to present the divisions of BCE, our employees contribution was paramount. To do so we asked two colleagues (Andrew Christine & Guillaume Jumelet), which are doing small videos on Youtube, to create an original scenario….